The folks of Taarapõllu Farm

The folks at Taarapollu Farm have been making delicious juices and jams for years. They founded their own business in 2004. Taarapõllu Farm was one of the first Estonian companies to commercially utilize the possibilities of the home kitchen and officially enter the public market with homemade products.

Taarapõllu Farm owns officially certified organic plantations of blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry, flowering quinch and strawberry on the hillsides of Võru County. In addition, apple, pear and plum trees and chokeberry and sea-buckthorn shrubs. In addition, we grow herbs, rhubarb and other vegetables.

Our farm is a certified organic producer and our products bear the EU ecolabel.

In addition to our own brand, we are able to produce products labelled with a custom design.

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